Tuesday, April 29, 2008

... Went From Smoking Base To Playing Bass (And Back Again...)

Next weekend brings about the fact that I have to strap on the bass guitar and play an actual real live rock and roll show. Of course I am still In the throes of writing songs for a new album called SPACE BAR, but also on the side I have been playing IGGY POP AND THE STOOGES songs with a band yet to be named; but for now we will just call us THE CHOOCHES.

The band consists of some folks I have played with before. REPETE is not only one of my best friends, but we have also played in various guises for going on 15 years now- most notably THE LUCKY STIFFS from 1994 to 2003. We came out right smack in the middle of the Grunge days and sounded like it. DEANO the singer used to drum in THE STIFFS during the later days, and I love the fact that he's grabbed a microphone. JAKE the drummer also plays in SPECIAL ED AND THE SHORTBUS, a local bluegrass group that took a recent GALAX FIDDLERS CONVENTION FIRST PRIZE. JAMES our lead guitarist runs a local HIP HOP LABEL. A Stoopidgroup of sorts, we started jamming together over the winter months about once a week. Now we are finally ready to play a few shows, the first one being next weekend at THE TRIPLE, a pool hall on West Broad Street.

I reckon we will be playing with BROWN SABBATH who are some good friends as well, and they play... well Black Sabbath songs.

So There you have it. Two cover bands on one stupendous evening. Hope you can come.

Friday, April 25, 2008


Sunday brings about the birthday of my dear friend and band mate Mike. He sounds like he's a little bummed about hitting the big FOUR ZERO, but I say to him that age is only a state of mind... Hell, I feel eleventy-two over half of the time I spend here on this ruinious marble. He is one of my brothas, and I wish him the MOST FUNNEST BIRTHWEEKEND EVER. Hopefully we will make it up to the hills to be there for the festivities. Also settling scores and punching in the Birthday card on that day are UNCLE EVIL and COMMANDA.

Here are some picks on why I believe Mike rocks.

10. He can lay down a mean synth line at the drop of a hat, and dance at the same time.

9. He has bags upon bags of SNAUSAGES that I can devour when his back is turned.

8. Always good for a smoke when my many packs of Marlboro Reds have suddenly gone missing...

7. Always knows the hot and the happening joints to dine in around the Shennandoah Valley.

6. He has finally taken over a lot of the bass playing that goes on around The Purple Cow Studios.

5. He puts up with a a lot of the crap that comes barreling out of my face whenever we go out to places.

4. Mike will kick back and chill like a grill at the Popz Homestead. Cat hair and all.

3. He's very adept at taking a quick photo when something unexpectedly goes down.

2. Michael's holding down the fort and Traveller hopped a train.

1. Twenty years later and He still hasn't fired me.


There are a mysterious amount of old photographs from days long ago that are now circulating throughout the world wide web these days, and I am not sure how to handle it. Oh, the Scandal of seeing such wretched circumstances as having shiners and stickers slapped to the side of my face!!! Yes, I barely remember these days, but I can tell you now that by seeing those snapshots I can deduce the fact that I was having some fun.

This picture is with by buddy TOM. We are sitting in what was my bedroom in 1990, while Tom's room was through the door where the ever-present MORRE BOBBY is lurching about. Oregon Hill, Virginia was a a little like Dodge City in those days, except maybe a little more rednecky. We were a voluminous mess of hillbillies who had just picked up stakes from WAYNESBORO and planted ourselves smack in the middle of Richmond,VA. I don't get to see old Tom too much anymore. He's in a band called MODEST MOUSE or something like that.


What turned out to be a completely unexpected trip to Waynesboro last weekend ended up a productive session full of 80's music and two or three new songs for our newest offering SPACE BAR. Mike and I did something we hadn't attempted in a while, which was sitting down together and coming up with a collaboration that soon ended up being IT HURT LIKE A SUVOVABITCH; which is a return to our comedic roots after the general seriousness of STOOPID HOLIDAYS back in December. The song is sort of bluesy, or jazz shuffled, with some lyrics that are quasi-autobiographical...

After hanging out with dave and Vita at a park in Grottoes and later chilling in Verona, we returned Saturday night feeling goofy. We sat down and wrote I HATE MYSELF, which is a tribute to our goth roots. Sounds uncannily like Red Lorry Yellow Lorry or Joy Division to say the least. I wish we had filmed us dancing around while recording this one. Making music rarely ever gets that fun and hilarious. I had to offset the silliness of the song with the most depressing lyrics I could come up with at the time. Whew.

Check these songs out on our CASH CROP PAGE and our DOSED reverbnation page...

Friday, April 4, 2008


Howdy, and Welcome to The Cashcropmusic April Update for 2008!!! Gears are grinding and Butter is churning here at our humble establishment, and we are slowly waking up to return to our never-ending chore of cranking out new music.

Once again we would like to thank NITRONIC for sending us his musical songs from the West Coast!!! Be sure to check out his pages for more of his awesome tunes!!!

Kelley Frushour has posted some photos from high school, the CRIB, and from 708 Albemarle to her myspace and Facebook pages. She is our family, and her pix sure do bring back memories as well as crack our collective asses up!!!
She was there at the beginning of The Whole Accursed Fiasco we call our music career, and we all love her to death. She is a shining example of the unique and tight bond us Waynesborians share to this day. We are lucky and maybe even a little bit blessed. Thanks Blackberry.
Check out her pages both myspace and facebook.

DOSED have begun work on their newest album with the working title WALKING PHARMACY, and the way things are going, it’s gonna be a DOUBLE ALBUM. Songs sofar include SHIRTS OF STEEL, SISTER SISTER, WRECK OF MY LIFE, EASY TO ROT, THAT’S THE KINDA SHIT THAT BURNS MY ASS, DANGER AREA 4, NO BIRDS TO SING, and SUCKER FOR A GOOD TIME. Chris Crane guest stars on drums with hopefully more guests to come!!! Stay tuned for leaks and teasers consisting of rough demos and unmixed versions until the final product comes out.

Thanks for listening, and on behalf of YOUR DEFENDER MICHAEL, this is d, signing off.