Friday, April 4, 2008


Howdy, and Welcome to The Cashcropmusic April Update for 2008!!! Gears are grinding and Butter is churning here at our humble establishment, and we are slowly waking up to return to our never-ending chore of cranking out new music.

Once again we would like to thank NITRONIC for sending us his musical songs from the West Coast!!! Be sure to check out his pages for more of his awesome tunes!!!

Kelley Frushour has posted some photos from high school, the CRIB, and from 708 Albemarle to her myspace and Facebook pages. She is our family, and her pix sure do bring back memories as well as crack our collective asses up!!!
She was there at the beginning of The Whole Accursed Fiasco we call our music career, and we all love her to death. She is a shining example of the unique and tight bond us Waynesborians share to this day. We are lucky and maybe even a little bit blessed. Thanks Blackberry.
Check out her pages both myspace and facebook.

DOSED have begun work on their newest album with the working title WALKING PHARMACY, and the way things are going, it’s gonna be a DOUBLE ALBUM. Songs sofar include SHIRTS OF STEEL, SISTER SISTER, WRECK OF MY LIFE, EASY TO ROT, THAT’S THE KINDA SHIT THAT BURNS MY ASS, DANGER AREA 4, NO BIRDS TO SING, and SUCKER FOR A GOOD TIME. Chris Crane guest stars on drums with hopefully more guests to come!!! Stay tuned for leaks and teasers consisting of rough demos and unmixed versions until the final product comes out.

Thanks for listening, and on behalf of YOUR DEFENDER MICHAEL, this is d, signing off.

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