Friday, April 25, 2008


There are a mysterious amount of old photographs from days long ago that are now circulating throughout the world wide web these days, and I am not sure how to handle it. Oh, the Scandal of seeing such wretched circumstances as having shiners and stickers slapped to the side of my face!!! Yes, I barely remember these days, but I can tell you now that by seeing those snapshots I can deduce the fact that I was having some fun.

This picture is with by buddy TOM. We are sitting in what was my bedroom in 1990, while Tom's room was through the door where the ever-present MORRE BOBBY is lurching about. Oregon Hill, Virginia was a a little like Dodge City in those days, except maybe a little more rednecky. We were a voluminous mess of hillbillies who had just picked up stakes from WAYNESBORO and planted ourselves smack in the middle of Richmond,VA. I don't get to see old Tom too much anymore. He's in a band called MODEST MOUSE or something like that.

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