Friday, April 25, 2008


Sunday brings about the birthday of my dear friend and band mate Mike. He sounds like he's a little bummed about hitting the big FOUR ZERO, but I say to him that age is only a state of mind... Hell, I feel eleventy-two over half of the time I spend here on this ruinious marble. He is one of my brothas, and I wish him the MOST FUNNEST BIRTHWEEKEND EVER. Hopefully we will make it up to the hills to be there for the festivities. Also settling scores and punching in the Birthday card on that day are UNCLE EVIL and COMMANDA.

Here are some picks on why I believe Mike rocks.

10. He can lay down a mean synth line at the drop of a hat, and dance at the same time.

9. He has bags upon bags of SNAUSAGES that I can devour when his back is turned.

8. Always good for a smoke when my many packs of Marlboro Reds have suddenly gone missing...

7. Always knows the hot and the happening joints to dine in around the Shennandoah Valley.

6. He has finally taken over a lot of the bass playing that goes on around The Purple Cow Studios.

5. He puts up with a a lot of the crap that comes barreling out of my face whenever we go out to places.

4. Mike will kick back and chill like a grill at the Popz Homestead. Cat hair and all.

3. He's very adept at taking a quick photo when something unexpectedly goes down.

2. Michael's holding down the fort and Traveller hopped a train.

1. Twenty years later and He still hasn't fired me.

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