Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Bob Dylan is releasing the latest installment in his highly successful BOOTLEG SERIES on October 7th; which features unreleased songs from his recent years (1989-2006). His past three albums stretching back to 1997 have been every bit as up-to-par with his mid 60's amphetamine and cheap red wine-soaked output. He has put out seven collections so far, among them being-

1.) Bootleg Series 1-3- Containing songs from the early days up til the early 80's. Kinda like a BIOGRAPH PART 2. 3 CDS.

2.) Bootleg Series 4- The 1966 Manchester Show with the Band in tow. The famous "Judas" show. A rip roaring classic. Quite possibly one of the first Punk shows.

3.) Bootleg Series 5- The Rolling Thunder Revue from the 1975 Barnstorming tour. Features a rogues gallery of guests, including Mark Ronson, T-Bone Burnett, and Joan Baez.

4.) Bootleg Series 6- His oft pirated 1964 show at NYC's Philharmonic Hall. The "Halloween" show where he is obviously a little tipsy... Disc 2 features Joan Baez.

5.) Bootleg Series 7- The Soundtrack from Martin Scorsese's NO DIRECTION HOME PBS DOCUMENTARY. A delightful collection of outtakes from his early 60's onslaught ending with his "Motorcycle Accident" in 1966.

Each of these releases are wonderfully packaged with liner notes and rare photographs, and are simply indespensible and essential to any Dylan fan.

Would you like to grab a free mp3 from the forthcoming set? I'll bet you would. Well, my lil' chitlin's- all you have to do is go to BOBDYLAN.COM and sign up to join the Fan Community.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Hey folks and douchebags!!! It is finally time for the the first installment of NEWBORN JAMS, which is a sporadic review and sampler of new and interesting music from around the World Of Musical Bandsongs. Nothing fancy or in depth, just a head's up to what may or may not be out there (yet).

1. Gnarls Barkley-RECKONER (LIVE) mp3 yes, the radiohead song...
2. Wire- MEKON HEADMAN mp3- from the Punk Rock Class of 1977, these guys are better than ever!!! Get Their Latest album OBJECT 47 NOW!!!
3. Stereolab-THREE WOMEN mp3- These folks are one of my favorite bands ever, and this newest offering does not dissappoint.
4. Death Vessel- BRUNO mp3- Brooklyn's Own androgynously voiced folk champion always rocks my drawers around me ankles.
5. Kings Of Leon- CRAWL mp3- Check out their newest release when it hit the shelves. Sounds like an improvement to me compared to their last effort.



"Lucinda / Ain't Going Down to the Well"

"Down in the Hole"

"Falling Down"

"Chocolate Jesus"

"All the World Is Green"

"Cemetery Polka"

"Cause of It All"

"Till the Money Runs Out"

"Such a Scream"


"Hold On"

"Black Market Baby"

"9th and Hennepin"

"Lie to Me"

"Lucky Day"

"On the Nickel"

"Lost in the Harbor"

"Innocent When You Dream"

"Hoist That Rag"

"Make It Rain"

"Dirt in the Ground"

"Get Behind the Mule"

"Hang Down Your Head"

"Jesus Gonna Be Here"



"Eyeball Kid"

"Anywhere I Lay My Head"

Seth Ford-Young (upright bass),
Patrick Warren (keyboards),
Omar Torrez (guitars),
Vincent Henry (woodwinds)
Casey Waits (drums and percussion).

This show was simply astonishing when I heard it. How about that band? Unfortunately, his Southern U.S. Leg of THE GLITTER AND DOOM TOUR is over, and now he is in Europe blowing them away. He doesn't tour much, so get out there and treat yourself to one of the essential songwriters of all genres and eras.



I usually gravitate towards the kind of folks who stand out in the crowd, the ones who gladly and almost blindly march to their own beat, and Betsey was no exception. She hired me last week to stain and seal her deck and veranda among some other odd jobs like painting her kitchen and hallway. She reminded me of a female Howard Finster with her odd folk art and cluttered knick-nacks piled up nearly to the ceiling of her cute little cottage tucked away on a corner of The Northside. Even her front lawn was copiously decorated with tiny ceramic houses and other lawn ornaments.
We hopped in her flower covered Volkswagon convertable to pick up some materials, and she warned me that she was a huge fan of Peter Paul and Mary, and she nervously confided to me that she love to sing rather loudly to the endlessly repeating compilation of their greatest hits in her CD player.
"Baby, let 'er rip!!!" was the only thing I could say, and soon we were rolling down the street singing at the top of our lungs. The proverbial Ice was broken. I ended up spending a greater part of last week hanging out with her, shopping at thrift stores, going out for lunch, or just sitting with her watching TV while knocking back a few beers. She loved the company, she would repeat over and over.
I tried to call her yesterday, and I left a message or two; wondering if she had grown tired of my presence. I even hopped a bus up to her house. I noticed the windows of her car were down, but no one was there. I left frustrated, and went to the bank to pay my overdue phone bill. She didn't seem to be in a hurry, and neither was I. Heck, I'll try again tomorrow.
I got a phone call last night saying that she had died in her sleep, and was found in her bed. She had trouble breathing while she slept, and had probably been dead for a couple of days. Betsey was 63, and I will miss my new friend. My heart is broken, and after finding out about her passing, I threw on "Leaving On A Jet Plane" and guzzled a beer while trying to hold back the tears.

Monday, July 28, 2008


July raced by me like a silver rocket, and I don't know what I got accomplished. Perhaps I have been spending way too much time on the newest rage in social-networking sites better known as FACEBOOK. This bane to my Time Spent Wisely has been severely over-utilized by the folks I went to high school with, and it has become fascinating to see the reactions of the masses reuniting after almost twenty years. The Waynesboro Crowd has always been uncannily tight and extremely close, but there were still a few stragglers out there we had lost contact with, and probably for good reason in some cases. Personally, I can't wait until the OOOHING and AHHING over peoples kids turns into name-calling and eventually The Dreaded Silent Treatment. Sorry, that's just my SOCIOPATHETIC side coming out again...
So whatever has become of that Red-Headed Stepchild that is MYSPACE? Well, I know I am not the only one who has become disenchanted by The Strippers, Viruses, Hackers, Spam and just plain creepy people. I have been Phished once on my band page, and had to explain to my friends that No, that was not my ass shaking in the camera to a Miami-Booty-Bass Beat.
Oh Well, looks like it's back to FACEBOOK to accept and hand out more Cyber-Shots.


Friday, July 18, 2008


CHIGGER was a bluegrass band consisting of local Richmond Rock and Rollers that played shows and recorded in 1995-1996. The band was started when Tom Peloso (King Sour) came over to play some acoustic guitar while hanging out on our front porch. He had this great idea for a song that was different from the ones we usually played , and he explained the song by bellowing in a baritone like Johnny Cash...
"Lonesome Train, Lonesome Train... Take Me Far Away..."
We loved the new song, and eventually brought in some other folks like Ron Curry (Hotel X, Gwar, Mao Tse Helen) on banjo, and Matt Boyle (King Sour) who played the mandolin ass-backwards like Hendrix. We also met Charlottesville expatriate James Werner on second guitar, and Richard Harvie who was just picking up the fiddle after mastering the Mando. Tom moved to standup bass, we worked on our four-part harmonies, wrote some more originals, and learned a stack of covers via The Bluegrass Fakebook.
We came out of the gates like Gangbusters, probably due to the fact that it was a bunch of rock dudes playing hillbilly music and also we were raging partiers. The mass of folks who came to the shows would Clog and Hambone so violently that the floor would bow from exhaustion and the microphones would sway from side to side. We played store and restaurant openings, weddings, rock shows, festivals, Nags Head, Philly Parties, Virginia Tech, music conferences, street corners, Sine, The Knitting Factory and even opened up for a puppet show at a church revival.
There are a lot of tapes from the shows we played (featuring a blistering version of COLD GIN by KISS), and we even recorded an album called BEARCAT SCANNER which I dug up from the vaults to share with you now.
We eventually went back to our respective bands, and Tom later started THE HACKENSAW BOYS with some good ol' boyz from Charlottesville.

Suzan Royce gave me this live photo yesterday, the first picture of us I have seen in a long while. We were opening a restaurant here in town called 821 CAFE, which after 12 years still thrives as a hangout for the younger folks. This image sure brings back a flood of good memories...

Thursday, July 17, 2008


It seems like these days if you make a living tending crab pots in the Chesapeake Bay during the summer months, you had better quit your day job and become a musician or something. Our World-Famous waterway is in bad shape. Even though the Oysters are apparently making a big comeback after a stretch of near extinction, The Blue Crab has reached such low numbers that fishermen and residents are fearful that they are gone for good. A bushel goes for about 200 dollars these days, and if you add 150 to 200 dollars for gas, that is a shitload of money to pony up for an outing on your vacation. Understandably there aren't as many customers for the fishing boats, and many are in dire need for some sort of financial aid.
We Virginians and Marylandians have always been proud of our Bay and our Blue Crab. The annual harvest of these and other "hard" crabs from The Chesapeake Bay accounts for over 50% of total U.S. earnings. They are hands down the Cristal of Crustaceans, but the population drop-off has reached 65 percent and rising. There are a number of theories as to why this is happening; such as Underwater Volcanoes, Fertilizer run-off into the Bay's Watersheds, and Overharvesting.
Now before you start settling with the notion that you will be relegated to Dungeness Crab for the rest of your life, take this into consideration; The Oysters are on a major comeback, and The Bald Eagles are recovering nicely from nearly being wiped out in recent years. All hope is not lost, but cross your fingers, and next time you fertilize your little patch of grass with harsh man-made chemicals, remember that there are some mighty good eats that are being ruined downstream from you.

Chesapeake Bay Foundation
The Philip Merrill Environmental Center
6 Herndon Ave.
Annapolis, MD 21403
410.268.8816 (phone)
410.268.6687 (fax)

Now if this environmentally aware post wasn't cheesy enough for you, here is a little ditty from the 70's I remember hearing as a youngster. C'mon folks, this is the only song about the Bay I could find...
I used to imagine in my 5 year old mind that these guys were on THE FLINTSTONES, and the mean xylophone solo in the middle was played by some dude on a giant crocodile's teeth.



Yesterday The Bush Administration relented, and finally agreed to sit down and have talks with the last remaining evil Empire in the world, and you can bet they will not be sending Jimmy Carter. The George Douchebag Regime seems to be taking some of Barack Obama's thunder, who has stated that conversing with Iran would be a feasible way to resolve our disputes.

Stealing a legacy from the future.

This scumbucket is desperately trying to gather up the mess of toys strewn about his playpen before he leaves. I'm sure he wanted to wrap a Blacktopped Iraq up into a nice little bow to lay at his Pappy's feet, and he shamefully begged his sketchy buddies in Saudi Arabia to ease the OIL CRUNCH only to be laughed out of Riyadh. The Economy is in tatters, and his Circle Of Power has all but been destroyed from within. This asshole will without a doubt be remembered as The Worst president ever.

... And we are all to blame. Throughout these eight years of ruin, I admit there has been few dissenting voices, mainly because there was never a Draft of our young folks. We merely used the same troops over and over, therefore no one really felt threatened enough to raise a fuss. This song posting was released during Bush's first term, but never received much attention due to the fact that he was enjoying almost unanimous approval of his policies. The Boot In Your Ass-It's The American Way Days. This song now seems like a futile warning to The American People that was not heeded, and now it comes across as too little too late. Later on down the road of time after everyone gathers some perspective, maybe there will arise a compilation of songs from this Era Of Bad Feeling, and then we will realize we could have done more, but I doubt it...

Public Enemy-SON OF A BUSH MP3


GREG PALAST and TED RALL recently joined forces to produce this informative illustration concerning how the upcoming elections have already been decided for us.

These two guys are like heroes to me, and that is the reason I shared this with you. Palast has in the past years authored two of my favorite books (ARMED MADHOUSE and THE BEST DEMOCRACY MONEY CAN BUY), and Ted Rall was introduced to me through local papers such as PUNCHLINE and BRICK. If you would like a larger, more legible version of this, please go to one of their sites where you can download any size you want.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Out of all of the modern day entertainers that make us forget that there is a war going on, I'd have to say to ya' that my favorite would be AMY WINEHOUSE.
My Homestick REEPEET played me some of her newest release last week before rehearsal, and I was pleased to hear some covers from The Specials catalog, as well as a blazing Sam Cooke cover.
Poor lass has been dominating the headlines lately, and has become very quickly Britain's TRAILER-PARK DIANA. Her man is in jail, she won a couple of armfuls of Grammies, she's got emphysema, she played a gig in Spain with a wineglass in her hand (take that Eddie Vedder), and she's strung out on the shit.
I recommend to her that she switch to CRACK ULTRA-LIGHTS.



Today marks what would have been Ian Curtis' 52nd Birthday. For all of you who do not know, Ian was the vocalist in the very influential post punk band called JOY DIVISION. Their 1978 LP UNKNOWN PLEASURES (produced by Martin Hannett) was pretty much the watershed for a sound that would give birth to the GOTH movement, and inspired everyone from BAUHAUS to NINE INCH NAILS, and even up to present day KILLERS. Ian unfortunately hung himself on the eve of the band's first U.S. tour, and the heartbroken surviving members regrouped later as NEW ORDER to enjoy a long and fruitful career as an 80's danceband. Poor Ian suffered from fits of epilepsy, sometimes onstage, which wasn't helped at all by alcohol abuse and mind-crushing depression.
He had a wife and a child, and tried in vain to balance family life with the fact that he had started an intense affair with a French Journalist. Supposedly, his wife caught wind of his indescretions and left him- so he did what any worthwhile goth-rocker would do; on May 18th, 1980, he threw on an IGGY POP record and hung himself by the neck until death-God rest his soul. Famous photographer Anton Corbijn made his film directorial debut last year with a Curtis Biopic called CONTROL, which is universally recommended for any audiophile. Earlier this year some Manchester folks successfully stole his headstone that bore the epitaph "Love Will Tear Us Apart" the group's last and biggest hit. Poor Sod, can't even win in death...
...And what would ol' Ian do today if he were still alive? Why he would be desperately clawing at the inside of his coffin trying to get out before he suffocated to fucking death.



Monday, July 14, 2008


What turned out to be a completely unexpected trip to Waynesboro ended up a productive session full of 80's music and two or three new songs for our newest offering SPACE BAR. Mike and I did something we hadn't attempted in a while, which was sitting down together and coming up with a collaboration that soon ended up being IT HURT LIKE A SUVOVABITCH; which is a return to our comedic roots after the general seriousness of STOOPID HOLIDAYS back in December. The song is sort of bluesy, or jazz shuffling, with some lyrics that are quasi-autobiographical... After hanging out with dave and Vita at a park in Grottoes and later chilling in Verona, we returned Saturday night feeling goofy. We sat down and wrote I HATE MYSELF, which is a tribute to our goth roots. Sounds uncannily like Red Lorry Yellow Lorry or Joy Division to say the least. I wish we had filmed us dancing around while recording this one. Making music rarely ever gets that fun and hilarious. I had to offset the silliness of the song with the most depressing lyrics I could come up with at the time. Whew.



This song is from our Christmas release last year called STOOPID HOLIDAYS. I recorded the guitar parts onto an old 4-track machine in early fall while sitting on the sofa in Richmond. I later took the unfinished song up to the hills where Billings added some drums and I added the bass. I wrote the lyrics while listening to Mike's drumming, which took place in about 20 minutes.
Mike later added a slide guitar to tie it all together and I came up with the middle eighth lyrics.
The song is about a perfect day on Purple Cow Road with all of my friends and folks I love surrounding me, and what do I have the nerve to do??? I fall asleep of course and miss the whole thing.
AUTUMN AFTERNOON was the first single from the album, which happens to be my favorite dosed project.
Hope you like it.



Once upon a time in the sleepy little college town of Charlottesville, Virginia there existed a little band called BABY OPAQUE. These three guys tried their best to play their Jazzpunk at places like The C&O and TRAX between 1984 and 1986, but they never quite fit in. As Singer/Bassist Michael Dean put it; "Baby Opaque was not popular. We were active in a southern college town about nine years before weird music got popular there. We were too jazzy for the few punkers, and too punky and jazzy for the majority of folks who just wanted to boogie and drink to rehashed white 12-bar blues."
Opaque put out an E.P. on Cloaca Records called PAIN, FEARS AND INSECTS in 1984 featuring 5 songs on 7 inch vinyl. The music was sweepingly energetic, and more inspired than the usual run-of -the-Miller's hardcore of the day. More melodic than the Dischordians in nearby D.C., yet strangely preoccupied with Suicide and Guns. The first song "MY FRIEND DIED" recalls an incident in early eighties California where a disgruntled man went postal inside a McDonalds, and in the last song "HOW NOW BROWN MAO?" the allusion returns when Dean snides "Give me a gun and I'll give you a milkshake..." The album was fucking perfect for an early teen like myself, being preoccupied with guns, killing yourself, depression, and well, cheeseburgers. Michael Dean sounded so gloriously sad, and after putting out what he felt was his life's work, he had a nervous breakdown.
The band returned with a full length LP called FUGUE IN COW MINOR, and it sound like the rest did the band some good. As a unit they don't sound as hectic and rushed, more relaxed and almost downright spiritually at peace with themselves. The first song starts as a shuffle, and the lyrics reminded me of living by the ocean in Vietnam. Suddenly, with a Spanish Ramones count-off, they launch into a 60's garage thrash where the lyrics fit in just as well as the first part.
I adored these guys when I was young, and in many ways they were the first true local band I ever heard besides The Statler Brothers. I painstakingly crafted a T-shirt using old alkylyd housepaint, and covered their songs on our first homemade tapes; back when we used dulcimers and trashcans.
Dean has put both of these great releases out for free download, and the response has been pretty healthy considering only 1000 copies of each release were ever printed. He eventually moved out to San Fran and started a band called BOMB, which put out some major label releases during the 90's. Now Michael runs a website and podcast with his wife, and seems to love his pets and life very much.

d.hydration Says:
May 28th, 2008 at 1:53 pm
I remember picking up the EP at the Waynesboro Record Corner when I was 12, shortly after finding out about DOUBLE NICKELS ON THE DIME. I am so happy to have found this music (again…)
Thanks for inspiring me to pick up the Fender Jazz…

Michael W. Dean Says:
May 28th, 2008 at 1:57 pm
So funny…so many people compared us to the Minutemen. But I didn’t hear the Minutemen until after the first Baby Opaque EP came out, and I don’t really think it was an influence on the LP, as I didn’t listen to them a lot until a few years later.

d.hydration Says:
May 28th, 2008 at 4:25 pm
I never really saw the connection either. But I can say That PAIN was the second “punk” record I ever bought. Waynesboro had only one record store, and in that store was a tiny little bin labeled PUNK/HARDCORE with maybe four or five records in it; mostly SST stuff. But anywaste, I didn’t mean to imply you guys sounded like them… it sounded like nothing I had ever heard, being knee deep into crap like The Fixx and (under muted breath) Duran Squared.
Fugue came out, and I promptly snatched that up. By that time I was playing bass and singing in Death Tripod. We covered I Don’t Need To Understand, and on one tape I still have we played the whole EP. I even made a back alley Silk Screen T-Shirt with the COW from the back of the LP.

Michael W. Dean Says:
May 28th, 2008 at 4:27 pm
I’d love to hear that cover. E-mail me an MP3 and I’ll post it.

Please check out and Download BABY OPAQUE- My Pick for the Day...


Saturday, July 12, 2008

" contrary; like a chainsaw runnin' through a dictionary..."

It's Saturnday here at the Paraplegic Pantry, and I am all set to do some deck staining at my friend Kathy's house. Check out her blog WOO JUM!!! It's a hoot and a half.
I learned a seemingly very nasty word today among bloggers called HOTLINKING. Apparently it is a big no no. Who knew that stealing the links from folks who steal music from hardworking musicians is morally corrupt? I had no idea. So there must be HONOR AMONG THIEVES after all...
So, I finally utilized a file host so I can do my own pirating without cutting any damned royalty checks to those bozo songwriters of the Entertainment Industry. (Just Kiddin'.) I can't wait to start sharing my twisted tastes in musical bandsongs with other folks out there in the BLOGGOSPHERE.

Britneyache mp3 -Public Image Ltd. with Britney Spears and Madonna

Thursday, July 10, 2008

MODEST MOUSE Live In Charlottesville 6/29/08

Tom Peloso finally made it back home in one piece, and this time he brought his band back with him. I had spent the weekend up in the mountains visiting with friends and family around Mike Billing's family pool and hot tub, and we even had enough time to record a new song called FADE FROM ME. Slices of Pizza were had by all, and many beers were drank, which had chipped away at my stamina come Sunday evening, when it was time to head back home.
We stopped in Charlottesville to have a quick walkabout through the Downtown Mall with hopes to hear Modest Mouse, and perhaps catch a glimpse of them playing. After hovering around the entrance for a while, the desire to to go inside became just too great, and we began contemplating shelling out the 35 dollars a piece to see our old friend rocking out. Out of nowhere came this kind lady who offered to sell us two tickets for 100 clams, and I knew we were highly unlikely to accomplish our goal. We gave her the Boo Boo Lip of Disappointment, and out a sheer stroke of kindness, she gave them to us for free; reminding us to thank these two girls who's name I have unfortunately forgotten, but it turns out they were girls who had recently been murdered in Virginia Beach.
The show was fabulous. MV2 danced about in joy while I tried to stay awake after such a long weekend. Johnny Marr introduced Tom, and the arena erupted in applause. After the show we made a half-hearted attempt to track down Palooka, but I am sure we were only two of a multitude who wanted his attentions. Satisfied and thanking the Patron Deities Of Rock and or Roll, we high tailed it to Taco Bell for a cheap dinner, and to I-64 for our long trip home.


Beck is a Modern-Day Enigma Wrapped Up In A Mystery.
I am sure this extremely talented fellow had been bitten by the Curmudgeon Bug long ago, but it seems he has finally developed a full-blown case of chronic depression. Pick up his rotted, fly ridden, sucked-bone-dry shell of a former being and chuck it into the same PITY PARTY corner where other dinosaurs like Radiohead and Oldplay reside. Leave it to another case of Consumer Expectation gone horribly wrong, I mean when I heard that our favorite Hipster was combing efforts with DANGER MOUSE, (Veteran of Gnarls Barkley, SparkleHorse and creator of the revered GREY ALBUM) I jumped for joy. At last! An album that will make us dance away our sorrows much like MIDNITE VULTURES!!! But what we get instead is yet another opportunity to dance IN our sorrows...Has Scientology really helped this guy out? The music sounds great, such as the almost bluegrass martial fodderstompf of "WALLS"; but there is a very tired, resigned vocal that already has been stomped into the ground with his last effort THE INFORMATION."Chemtrails" almost tumbles off the side of the disc like a lost Skip Spence Outtake. I honestly do not hear much of a variation on his usual themes or ultimately any new musical ground broken, which is kind of a shame, because I really enjoy how across the spectrum he has been with his past few records. The music at points sounds too much like Gnarls minus the gloriously maniacal vocals of Cee-Lo.
All in All its just washed out. I don't hate MODERN GUILT at all, but I just am not impressed. This record has been over-hyped, but really all it comes up being is a batch of songs by a legendary team-up that would have been better served by remaining unreleased and bootlegged. A Snorefest.