Thursday, July 17, 2008


Yesterday The Bush Administration relented, and finally agreed to sit down and have talks with the last remaining evil Empire in the world, and you can bet they will not be sending Jimmy Carter. The George Douchebag Regime seems to be taking some of Barack Obama's thunder, who has stated that conversing with Iran would be a feasible way to resolve our disputes.

Stealing a legacy from the future.

This scumbucket is desperately trying to gather up the mess of toys strewn about his playpen before he leaves. I'm sure he wanted to wrap a Blacktopped Iraq up into a nice little bow to lay at his Pappy's feet, and he shamefully begged his sketchy buddies in Saudi Arabia to ease the OIL CRUNCH only to be laughed out of Riyadh. The Economy is in tatters, and his Circle Of Power has all but been destroyed from within. This asshole will without a doubt be remembered as The Worst president ever.

... And we are all to blame. Throughout these eight years of ruin, I admit there has been few dissenting voices, mainly because there was never a Draft of our young folks. We merely used the same troops over and over, therefore no one really felt threatened enough to raise a fuss. This song posting was released during Bush's first term, but never received much attention due to the fact that he was enjoying almost unanimous approval of his policies. The Boot In Your Ass-It's The American Way Days. This song now seems like a futile warning to The American People that was not heeded, and now it comes across as too little too late. Later on down the road of time after everyone gathers some perspective, maybe there will arise a compilation of songs from this Era Of Bad Feeling, and then we will realize we could have done more, but I doubt it...

Public Enemy-SON OF A BUSH MP3

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