Thursday, July 10, 2008


Beck is a Modern-Day Enigma Wrapped Up In A Mystery.
I am sure this extremely talented fellow had been bitten by the Curmudgeon Bug long ago, but it seems he has finally developed a full-blown case of chronic depression. Pick up his rotted, fly ridden, sucked-bone-dry shell of a former being and chuck it into the same PITY PARTY corner where other dinosaurs like Radiohead and Oldplay reside. Leave it to another case of Consumer Expectation gone horribly wrong, I mean when I heard that our favorite Hipster was combing efforts with DANGER MOUSE, (Veteran of Gnarls Barkley, SparkleHorse and creator of the revered GREY ALBUM) I jumped for joy. At last! An album that will make us dance away our sorrows much like MIDNITE VULTURES!!! But what we get instead is yet another opportunity to dance IN our sorrows...Has Scientology really helped this guy out? The music sounds great, such as the almost bluegrass martial fodderstompf of "WALLS"; but there is a very tired, resigned vocal that already has been stomped into the ground with his last effort THE INFORMATION."Chemtrails" almost tumbles off the side of the disc like a lost Skip Spence Outtake. I honestly do not hear much of a variation on his usual themes or ultimately any new musical ground broken, which is kind of a shame, because I really enjoy how across the spectrum he has been with his past few records. The music at points sounds too much like Gnarls minus the gloriously maniacal vocals of Cee-Lo.
All in All its just washed out. I don't hate MODERN GUILT at all, but I just am not impressed. This record has been over-hyped, but really all it comes up being is a batch of songs by a legendary team-up that would have been better served by remaining unreleased and bootlegged. A Snorefest.


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