Monday, July 14, 2008


What turned out to be a completely unexpected trip to Waynesboro ended up a productive session full of 80's music and two or three new songs for our newest offering SPACE BAR. Mike and I did something we hadn't attempted in a while, which was sitting down together and coming up with a collaboration that soon ended up being IT HURT LIKE A SUVOVABITCH; which is a return to our comedic roots after the general seriousness of STOOPID HOLIDAYS back in December. The song is sort of bluesy, or jazz shuffling, with some lyrics that are quasi-autobiographical... After hanging out with dave and Vita at a park in Grottoes and later chilling in Verona, we returned Saturday night feeling goofy. We sat down and wrote I HATE MYSELF, which is a tribute to our goth roots. Sounds uncannily like Red Lorry Yellow Lorry or Joy Division to say the least. I wish we had filmed us dancing around while recording this one. Making music rarely ever gets that fun and hilarious. I had to offset the silliness of the song with the most depressing lyrics I could come up with at the time. Whew.


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