Thursday, July 10, 2008

MODEST MOUSE Live In Charlottesville 6/29/08

Tom Peloso finally made it back home in one piece, and this time he brought his band back with him. I had spent the weekend up in the mountains visiting with friends and family around Mike Billing's family pool and hot tub, and we even had enough time to record a new song called FADE FROM ME. Slices of Pizza were had by all, and many beers were drank, which had chipped away at my stamina come Sunday evening, when it was time to head back home.
We stopped in Charlottesville to have a quick walkabout through the Downtown Mall with hopes to hear Modest Mouse, and perhaps catch a glimpse of them playing. After hovering around the entrance for a while, the desire to to go inside became just too great, and we began contemplating shelling out the 35 dollars a piece to see our old friend rocking out. Out of nowhere came this kind lady who offered to sell us two tickets for 100 clams, and I knew we were highly unlikely to accomplish our goal. We gave her the Boo Boo Lip of Disappointment, and out a sheer stroke of kindness, she gave them to us for free; reminding us to thank these two girls who's name I have unfortunately forgotten, but it turns out they were girls who had recently been murdered in Virginia Beach.
The show was fabulous. MV2 danced about in joy while I tried to stay awake after such a long weekend. Johnny Marr introduced Tom, and the arena erupted in applause. After the show we made a half-hearted attempt to track down Palooka, but I am sure we were only two of a multitude who wanted his attentions. Satisfied and thanking the Patron Deities Of Rock and or Roll, we high tailed it to Taco Bell for a cheap dinner, and to I-64 for our long trip home.

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