Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Hey folks and douchebags!!! It is finally time for the the first installment of NEWBORN JAMS, which is a sporadic review and sampler of new and interesting music from around the World Of Musical Bandsongs. Nothing fancy or in depth, just a head's up to what may or may not be out there (yet).

1. Gnarls Barkley-RECKONER (LIVE) mp3 yes, the radiohead song...
2. Wire- MEKON HEADMAN mp3- from the Punk Rock Class of 1977, these guys are better than ever!!! Get Their Latest album OBJECT 47 NOW!!!
3. Stereolab-THREE WOMEN mp3- These folks are one of my favorite bands ever, and this newest offering does not dissappoint.
4. Death Vessel- BRUNO mp3- Brooklyn's Own androgynously voiced folk champion always rocks my drawers around me ankles.
5. Kings Of Leon- CRAWL mp3- Check out their newest release when it hit the shelves. Sounds like an improvement to me compared to their last effort.

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