Saturday, July 12, 2008

" contrary; like a chainsaw runnin' through a dictionary..."

It's Saturnday here at the Paraplegic Pantry, and I am all set to do some deck staining at my friend Kathy's house. Check out her blog WOO JUM!!! It's a hoot and a half.
I learned a seemingly very nasty word today among bloggers called HOTLINKING. Apparently it is a big no no. Who knew that stealing the links from folks who steal music from hardworking musicians is morally corrupt? I had no idea. So there must be HONOR AMONG THIEVES after all...
So, I finally utilized a file host so I can do my own pirating without cutting any damned royalty checks to those bozo songwriters of the Entertainment Industry. (Just Kiddin'.) I can't wait to start sharing my twisted tastes in musical bandsongs with other folks out there in the BLOGGOSPHERE.

Britneyache mp3 -Public Image Ltd. with Britney Spears and Madonna

1 comment:

Kathy said...

it was some mighty fine deck staining too. thanks for all that hard work. I'll treat you to some beverages one evening.