Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Bob Dylan is releasing the latest installment in his highly successful BOOTLEG SERIES on October 7th; which features unreleased songs from his recent years (1989-2006). His past three albums stretching back to 1997 have been every bit as up-to-par with his mid 60's amphetamine and cheap red wine-soaked output. He has put out seven collections so far, among them being-

1.) Bootleg Series 1-3- Containing songs from the early days up til the early 80's. Kinda like a BIOGRAPH PART 2. 3 CDS.

2.) Bootleg Series 4- The 1966 Manchester Show with the Band in tow. The famous "Judas" show. A rip roaring classic. Quite possibly one of the first Punk shows.

3.) Bootleg Series 5- The Rolling Thunder Revue from the 1975 Barnstorming tour. Features a rogues gallery of guests, including Mark Ronson, T-Bone Burnett, and Joan Baez.

4.) Bootleg Series 6- His oft pirated 1964 show at NYC's Philharmonic Hall. The "Halloween" show where he is obviously a little tipsy... Disc 2 features Joan Baez.

5.) Bootleg Series 7- The Soundtrack from Martin Scorsese's NO DIRECTION HOME PBS DOCUMENTARY. A delightful collection of outtakes from his early 60's onslaught ending with his "Motorcycle Accident" in 1966.

Each of these releases are wonderfully packaged with liner notes and rare photographs, and are simply indespensible and essential to any Dylan fan.

Would you like to grab a free mp3 from the forthcoming set? I'll bet you would. Well, my lil' chitlin's- all you have to do is go to BOBDYLAN.COM and sign up to join the Fan Community.

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I only spent a few moments drooling on that little freebie mp3 before adding it to my Dylan webcast at

It's a great track!

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