Monday, August 18, 2008


PANDORA RADIO attracts more than one million listeners a day, and each passing day there are 40,000 new ears tuning in. It is currently the seventh most popular i-phone application, and is projected to make a cool 25 million bucks, even though they only make their cash based mainly on web advertisements. Not Too Shabby. But these guys are on the verge of going belly up due to a federal panel passing a resolution last year that forces Internet Radio to pay DOUBLE the royalty rate for each song played to record companies and artist/songwriters. That's an armpit hair under three cents per hour per listener. Unless they hit a winning scratch-ticket, or hit dead nuts on a Powerball Drawing; it is unlikely they will survive.
Why is Pandora so cool to internet users? Well, for instance let's say you want to get into some Reggae Music, but you don't know the difference between Bob Marley and Bob Geldof. You type in the name of an artist, and the databanks take care of the rest. The central braintrust will not only play cuts from The Patron Saint OF Frat Boys Everywhere, but other more diverse and perhaps more obscure artists, and plus you have the option of buying the song or album off the artist.
But since the record companies and artists are already losing money thanks to Joe Twelvepack downloading songs by means of Napster, Kazaa, Lime Wire and Elbows Music Aggregator, this new and fascinating medium will soon go the way of the 8 track tape machine. Lars Ulrich must be rolling over in his empty pile of champaigne bottles, because Hell; Bono can't even afford a decent pair of headphones. (See THE SWEETEST LEAK)

THOMAS DOLBY- AIRWAVES from The Golden Age Of Wireless

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