Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My Second Interview Ever.

Willie Nelson was slated to play a show at The Carpenter Center her in Richmond on May 11 1999, and somehow thanks to Jeyon Falsini and Pete Humes from PUNCHLINE MAGAZINE, I got to interview him.
Now I am not the ideal person to handle such a daunting task. My 1997 interview of ROBERT PLANT consisted nothing more than learning that he was getting his long golden locks highlighted at Haircut 100 Salon in Virginia Beach, and pretending I was going there to buy haircare products. (?) I was drunk out of me gourd that afternoon as I confronted him about ripping off blues musicians (he was unapologetic), and needling him about what he was listening to (Smashing Pumpkins and Pearl Jam's YIELD) All while he was nervously cornered in the barber's chair dressed in a bib and sporting aluminum foil wrapped in his mane. What a fiasco.
Willie was no different. The first thing I did was get wasted and brag to my buddies that Willie was going to call me, not the other way around. I went to Radio Shack and bought a bugging device, and then went home to wait (and drink some more.) The next morning consisted of me laying by the telephone fielding numerous phone calls from all of those friends I bragged to proclaiming they were Willie Nelson. (Real Funny Guys) I passed out again, when he finally called.
It was 20 minutes of Sheer Hell and Awkward Silences. I shuffled papers nervously, and chain smoked into the telephone, while he calmly fielded my questions while also blowing smoke into the phone. The interview was somewhat saved by his thoughts on Django Reinhardt, and he invited me and two friends to the show with a Meeting afterwards on his bus. I decided to bring along Rob Widdecombe and Hollycaust, my two best pals at the time.
The day of the show I had to work, and I accidently slammed my nose into the refrigerator and bled profusely (don't ask.) Later that night we snapped a photo with The Man himself as we hung out in The Honeysuckle Rose 3. I don't have the picture to share in all it's scabby glory, but I think it might be filed away somewhere in Punchline's archives...

My Interview With Willie- MP4 from May 1999 for PUNCHLINE

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