Monday, August 25, 2008


America is divided, and over what this time, you ask? Is it how we Blacktopped Iraq? Is it over Abortion? Is it over the drilling of Miley Cyrus' Public Wetlands? Are you one of the twelve or so folks out there that believe that George W. Douchebag is doing a satisfactory job? Well join the world as all eyes turn from Bejing to Denver, Colorado for the 2008 Democratic Convention, where the real topic will not be about Change, but about whether or not Obama supporters clash with what has become known as THE PUMAS.
THE PUMAS (Party Unity My Ass or Peoples Unity Means Action if you are P.C.) are a renegade gaggle of Hillary Clinton supporters that are still fighting, bitching and moaning much like those fabled Japanese Soldiers that were stranded in the South Pacific after WW2. 30 percent of Clinton supporters are still uncommitted to party unity, and one has to wonder if The Clintons themselves are in it 100 percent. Bill is still sore at Obama for his constructive criticism of his 90's policies, and Hillary is obviously disturbed that she wasn't seriously considered as a running mate. It's sure to be another knock-down, drag out Battle of Embarrassment (Like 1968) that will ultimately ensure another eight years of Perpetual War For Perpetual Pieces. Way to go, jackasses.


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