Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Song For Eppy.

It was 41 years ago today that Beatle manager Brian Epstein, 32, was found dead in his London home after an overdose of Carbitrals mixed with alcohol. The Beatles were in Bangor meeting with The Maharishi at a Transcendental Meditation seminar. Brian was The True FIFTH BEATLE, and was instrumental in The Fab Four's success. He did everything from dress them up in their suits, handle the money, book the shows, and he even drove the tour van in their early days.

Brian's life seemed to spiral out of control once The Beatles took control of theirs. A 1966 world tour was deemed a royal pain in the arse after enduring poor sound, record burning Pentecostals, KKK threats, and a mop-top raising trip to The Phillippenes where they barely made it out alive after inadvertantly snubbing Imelda Marcos. they effectively retired to studio recordings, leaving Epstein with little to do. He entered rehab several times due to an addiction to drugs, drink and gambling. The Beatles never really recovered from their managers death, with internal affairs slowly dissolving into a litany of lawsuits, failed business ventures, and mismanagement.

Yeah, I know BABY YOU'RE A RICH MAN would have been more appropriate (Lennon's "rich fat jew" jab at the fade out) but I decided to let you sample this tune recorded around the same time. This is the short version found on the 1980's compilation RARITIES, and later found on PAST MASTERS VOL. 2. The song is basically three different songs pasted together, and features another Brian (Jones of The Rolling Stones) jamming with only John and Paul. Can You Hear the Belch at the end?

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